Become a Member

Formalities required to be a member of SGFI. (See below attached documents)

  1. Registration fees are ₹ 1,00,000 one time only.
  2. Membership fees are ₹ 25,000 per year.
  3. You have to comply with the SGFI guidelines which is as follows:-

Internal Monitoring: The procedure by the manufacturer is as follows:-

  1. Each member appoints an internal monitor at its end and prints an EX code issued by SGFI on one panel of each ball so our external monitor during monitoring identifies which member it belongs to.
  2. His job is to get in touch with each contractor at the factory and through him get a list of each household where hand stitching of inflatable balls is done.
  3. For this he uses the IMR (Internal Monitoring Report) and submits to the internal monitor.
  4. The internal monitor visits each household to check and prepares the final IMR which he submits to SGFI.
  5. The internal monitor has to continuously visit each location and update the IMR to see if there are any changes from last visit.
  6. Depending on the orders, the production of the households increase or decrease and are informed to the internal monitor who visits and prepares a new IMR to be submitted to SGFI.

External Monitoring: The procedure for preparing monitoring schedule by SGFI is as follows:-

  1. SGFI receives the IMR from the internal monitor (IM) of the member.
  2. SGFI Monitoring incharge (MI) checks each IMR and stamps the receiving date and files it in the file # given to that household.
  3. MI through the monitoring software takes out a daily schedule randomly for the monitors who go for the visits without knowing which locations to visit prior to receiving the schedule.
  4. Each team takes the original IMR file along to note down any changes if any. Team comes back and prepares a hand written External Monitoring Report (EMR) and informs the MI.
  5. The MI enters it into the software and prints out the computerized print out of the EMR which is filed in the file/household number.
  6. In the case there is child labour involved then we will inform you to take appropriate action and will then get that child to enroll in one of our schools where education is given free of cost.
  7. You will have to disclose your stitching locations where you get your footballs/rugby stitched so we can monitor those locations. 
  1. Contribution per month on export is Rs. 0.20 paisa for every Rs. 100 worth of export. Which means that you will pay 0.20 % of your FOB value of hand stitched inflatable balls (rugby, footballs, volley balls, net balls, etc).
  2. Contribution per month on domestic is Rs. 0.15 paisa for every Rs. 100 worth of sale. Which means that you will pay 0.15 % of your total monthly billing value of hand stitched inflatable balls (rugby, footballs, volley balls, net balls, etc).
  3. Contribution is paid within 45 days of month end or else a penalty is charged and the rate will be 0.05 % (which means your January contribution should come latest by 15th March ie. 45 days. if later than 45 days, then rate will be 0.25 % for export & 0.20 % for domestic).