SGS India

SGS is an international Company providing services in the areas of quality management and certification and one of the few accredited laboratories for sport goods. Historically, SGS played an altogether different but important role in dealing with the problem of child labour in the stitching of inflatable balls. While SGFI initiated corrective measures “to guide the child labour to schools”, the industry approached SGS to monitor and certify absence of child labour, particularly for exports. The involvement of a reputed organization like SGS in such assurance helped the industry establish its products in international markets. In a systematic effort, the local office of SGS along with SGFI has identified more than 3,500 regular sites (mainly households) for the stitching of inflatable balls in Jalandhar and its vicinity. The exporters are obliged to get their stitching jobs executed at these sites, which are regularly monitored by the inspectors (upto 2003 of SGS, 2004 onwards of SGFI).

They were appointed as the external monitors of our program. They had set up an office in Jalandhar dedicated towards SGFI programme. They monitored all our stitching locations and if any children are found stitching footballs, SGFI was immediately informed so that we get these children involved in the social protection program and weaned away from child labour.

Now SGS is our certifying body for ISO 9001:2015 and is auditing our monitoring program & rehabilitation program regularly.