The immediate challenge for the programme was to locate the home based locations and register them for the monitoring programme. Members of SGFI provided the information regarding each contractor and their subsequent stitchers. SGFI processed the information and gave unique location numbers to individual location. This database was used for regular external monitoring by SGS on random and unannounced basis. Today SGFI has over 4700 families under close watch covering over 15,000 stitchers.

SGFI organized an awareness campaign in all football stitching areas in Jalandhar and Batala by organizing free medical camps, magic shows, street plays etc. which brought people out of their homes to listen to us.

In year 2000, UNICEF introduced the Center for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID), to undertake awareness raising exercise. CRRID’s main job was building the credibility of SGFI initiative amongst the critical mass. The stitching community, local youth clubs, Mahila Mandal (women’s groups) and local leaders were identified and made part of the programme.

After that SGFI took training from CRRID and sustained the awareness campaign on its own. Now SGFI has a regular campaign targeting the less aware areas. The profiling of the families was done to understand the reasons as why they engage their children in labour activities, which helped in planning for rehabilitation. This awareness campaign has been very successful in terms of reaching the stitchers and making them understand that their children should be going to schools and enjoying their childhood and not doing any labour activities. SGFI is committed to work on sustainable ventures so that this problem does not re-emerge or find its way out into some other area. The external monitoring and social protection projects will continue and we are constantly trying to increase the effectiveness of our campaign. We have seen a dramatic change in the attitude and awareness of the community against the child labour. Now the village leaders (Panchayat and Sarpanch) have also started working in partnership with us. This partnership has been a breakthrough in accessing the community in a credible and trusted manner. They understand the importance of education in building the future of children.

Modus Operandi of monitoring program.

  1. Members of SGFI submit internal monitoring reports to SGFI office.
  2. SGFI verifies that report by going to the site and prepares an external monitoring report.
  3. SGFI database is updated.
  4. Any issue of child found stitching, further sub contracting, id code of member not printed on the football etc is informed immediately to the concerned member. Member’s internal monitor will then verify and take action.
  5. A monthly Report of Inspection (ROI) is prepared and sent to all members. This report gives a list of all locations visited that month, how many child labour cases found, number of further sub contracting cases, id codes not printed etc.
  6. SGFI monitoring in-charge & project director conduct regular internal audits of its monitoring team to ensure reports are prepared fairly & monitoring team does actually visit the sites.
  7. SGS India Pvt Ltd. conducts annual audits on SGFI as per ISO 9000 to ensure proper, smooth and transparent working.