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Manufacturers who are exporters who are located in India are required to be a ‘member’ of SGFI  as stated in the "Guidance Manual & Agreement" of the WFSGI Pledge for the FIFA Quality Program as of July 5, 2012 (4.6.2. Page # 4/5). 

A FEATHER IN OUR CAP:-  Seeing the working of SGFI the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi has included a chapter entitled “SGFI and its Organisational Set Up” in the official text book of Health/Physical education and Sports for class XII nationwide.

ANOTHER FEATHER IN OUR CAP:- IIM (Indian Institute of Management)  Bangaluru  has written a 28 page case study on SGFI which is being taught to MBA students.  The same case study is also being taught across over 500+ Business Schools world over.

YET ANOTHER FEATHER IN OUR CAP:-  Sri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources New Delhi has compiled a report on CSR by SMEs.  A fifty five page case study on SGFI appears in this report.

A GOLDEN FEATHER IN OUR CAP: CSR AWARD: SGFI got the special CSR award by TERI (The Energy Resource Institute) & HSBC Bank jointly in 2010. The award was given by the then Corporate Minister Hon’ble Salman Khurshid.

SGFI is now a role model for other industries in terms of collective CSR where child labour is involved.

Welcome to
Sports Goods Foundation of India

"Ensuring Children their Childhood"

Vision:  To foster & energize social responsibility of businesses of the Indian Sports Goods Industry.

Sports Goods Foundation of India (SGFI), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing of the Indian Sports Goods Industry was started 2 decades back by volunteer members from Sports Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association (SGMEA) with an objective to identify & rehabilitate child labour in sports industry.
It is registered under the Societies Registration Act Vide Certificate # 1681 of 1998-99 dated 25th January 1999 & is an ISO-9001-2015 certified organisation.
Over the period of time with experience and learning's drawn because of close contact with the community SGFI's vision was broadened and we started looking at root causes like education, health, social security, micro insurance and women empowerment of its industry workers.
TO prevent Child labour in the stitching of Soccer Balls, TO facilitate an attitudinal change in the community regarding the evils of Child labour & TO promote education in the Inflatable ball stitching community.
 No. of Founding Members in 1998 25
 Total Membership of SGFI (including Founding Members). 41. 
 Members who left / removed from the program. 15. 
 Current number of Members in the Program 27. 
 No. of Monitoring visits done till date. 2,66,840. 
 No. of stitchers registered with SGFI. 21,975. 
 No. of Stitching Households registered till date. 4,464. 
 No of Stitching Centers registered till date. 44. 
 No. of medical kits given to households till date. 54,000. 
 No of children in NCLP School currently. 300. 
 No. of children passed out of NCLP school. 2,200. 
 No. of Tuition Centers running by SGFI currently. 20. 


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Chairman's Message

Mr. Satish Wasan

"Sports Goods Foundation, Jalandhar"
(Charity is not about giving money: it is about changing lives and improving the quality of living). The overall impact of all the humanitarian activities taken up by Sports Goods Foundation of India has resulted in a steep rise in exports by most of its members and customers world over deserve a big THANK YOU who appreciated our efforts of not only confining our activities to child labour issue but also putting our bes

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